Process-sure dispensing of silicones, polyurethanes, MS polymers and hotmelts

Silicones are certainly the most familiar single-component, air-hardening sealants. They generally demonstrate extraordinarily high UV and weather resistance and some are heat-resistant up to 250°C.

Polyurethanes are also universally used, since they not only have sealing properties, but are also elastic and have bonding functions. In addition, they are characterized by their tensile strength/ elongation at break.

MS polymers (MS=modified silane) are elastic sealants with good UV and weather stability, can usually bond without priming on many substrates, are highly elastic, even at low temperatures, and can be painted with solvent-containing and dispersion paints.

Hot-melt adhesives, also referred to as molten adhesives, are solvent-free and are solid at room temperature. They are applied hot on the bonding surface and form a bond as they cool. This group of adhesives, also known as hotmelts, is based on various chemical raw materials.

All these different sealing and bonding materials can be volumetrically dispensed, process-sure, with our industrial dispensing systems. Here, the integration of the dispensing head in the path control guarantees that the applied amount has a precise volume, independent of dispensing speed and the flow properties of the material.

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