Consulting and Sales

Sound consulting and specific problem solutions are the focus of DATRON' s sales work.
Our sales staff and project engineers are experts in their fields.

DATRON offers more than high-performance products:
We offer you extensive consulting, so that you get an optimum solution with regard to cost and function.

For manufacturing solutions in the area of CNC machines or dispensing technology, we will develop the manufacturing solution by systematically analysing your requirements. Through the holistic consideration, even of previous and following processes, for example, the efficiency can often be significantly improved.

CAD/CAM software solutions
We will advise you on the integration of your existing CAD/CAM software or will help you choose an appropriate software solution.

Test and model machining
In our demonstration rooms, we will take the time to show you in detail how things proceed based on your concrete task.

Automation solutions
Every manufacturing task is different. Automation can often bring additional cost advantages. We offer you our know-how for automatic part feed and removal, linking systems or even optical inspections with vision systems, for example. Just ask us!

Simply the selection of the right tool is often the guarantee for the highest manufacturing quality. The experience of DATRON tool specialists and the know-how acquired in the widest variety of application cases bring our customers valuable advantages.

Material selection
In the area of dispensing technology, we work closely with almost all of the standard material suppliers. Therefore, we can advise you, independent of the manufacturer.


DATRON's development expertise in the areas of mechanics, electronics and software, and the strong modular design of our products, lead to the excellent overall function of our systems and machines.

The trans-sectoral development expertise of our team is a special plus for DATRON. More than 20 patents have been filed


Le savoir-faire de DATRON en matière de développement dans les domaines de la mécanique, de l'électronique et des logiciels de même que la grande modularité de nos produits contribuent au bon fonctionnement de nos systèmes et machines.

L'expertise transsectorielle de notre équipe de développement est un atout supplémentaire de DATRON. Plus de 20 brevets ont été déposés


DATRON 在机械、电子和软件等领域拥有丰富的专业开发经验,而且我们的产品采用强大的模块化设计,这使得我们的系统和机床具有优异的整体功能。

我们的团队拥有丰富的跨行业开发专业经验,这是 DATRON 的一大独特优势。我们已申请 20 多项专利


La experiencia en desarrollo de DATRON en los ámbitos de la mecánica, la electrónica y el software, así como el sólido diseño modular de nuestros productos, conducen al excelente funcionamiento general de nuestros sistemas y máquinas.

La experiencia en el desarrollo transectorial de nuestro equipo constituye un plus especial para DATRON. Se han presentado más de 20 patentes


Le competenze di DATRON per lo sviluppo nei settori della meccanica, dell'elettronica e dei software e il design marcatamente modulare dei nostri prodotti, garantiscono l'ottima funzionalità dei nostri sistemi e delle nostre macchine.

Lo sviluppo di competenze trasversali in vari settori del nostro personale è una peculiarità speciale di DATRON. Possediamo più di 20 brevetti depositati


Опыт DATRON в разработке в области механики, электроники и ПО и модульная конструкция наших продуктов обеспечивают прекрасную общую функциональность наших систем и станков.

Опыт кросс-отраслевой разработки нашей команды — особое преимущество DATRON. Поданы заявки более чем на 20 патентов


Punctual delivery, high quality

The main requirements for production involve high manufacturing quality in every single stage of production.

This is achieved by means of careful quality management and the high qualification and motivation of our staff. Our order processing department keeps in close contact with our customers. This way, we deliver quickly and on-time.


Livraison ponctuelle, qualité élevée

La qualité élevée de la production à toutes les étapes constitue la principale exigence.

Elle passe par une gestion rigoureuse de la qualité et par la qualification et la motivation du personnel. Notre service de traitement des commandes travaille étroitement avec nos clients. Nous parvenons ainsi à tenir et à garantir des délais courts.






Entrega puntual, alta calidad

Los requisitos principales para la producción incluyen una alta calidad de fabricación en todas y cada una de las etapas de producción.

Para lograrlo se precisa de una cuidadosa gestión de la calidad y de la alta cualificación y motivación de nuestro personal. Nuestro departamento de procesamiento de pedidos se mantiene en estrecho contacto con nuestros clientes. De este modo, podemos realizar las entregas con rapidez y a tiempo.


Consegne puntuali, alta qualità

Le principali esigenze di produzione riguardano l'elevata qualità di lavorazione in ogni singola fase del processo produttivo.

Ciò si ottiene mediante un'attenta gestione della qualità e l'elevata qualificazione e motivazione del nostro personale. Il nostro reparto di gestione ordini mantiene uno stretto contatto con i nostri clienti. In questo modo siamo in grado di eseguire consegne veloci e puntuali.


Своевременная доставка, высокое качество

Основные требования к производству включают высокое качество на каждом этапе производства.

Это достигается за счет тщательного управления качеством и высокой квалификации и мотивации наших сотрудников. Наш отдел обработки заказов поддерживает тесный контакт с нашими заказчиками. Это позволяет нам доставлять заказы быстро и вовремя.

Customer Service

"High-quality machines and exceptional customer service - the DATRON customer service"

You have just purchased a new DATRON machine and need some tips? You want to use your "DATRON" for other applications or reposition in your working environment?
You have had your machine in operation for many years, but now a new task has resulted? There are questions regarding the operation and troubleshooting? Many questions – but just one answer: The DATRON customer service. Reliable, friendly and competent. And these are not just slogans. We support our customers from the beginning and in every situation. This is part of our business, and we face our responsibility to our customers.
The hotline support helps to answer initial questions, solve problems, solve software and programming issues straightforward and pragmatic. Here we can help you quickly with many everyday questions. With our decentralized agencies at home and abroad we can offer you immediate advice and support of our service engineers for broader tasks. Our large and comprehensive stock of spare parts helps us to effect deliveries as soon as possible.

With our Tele-Service, e-Messenger and the remote maintenance we offer additional possibilities to contact us at almost any time and create analyses as fast as can be using advanced data technology; Hereby we can complete the service extremely cost effective.

At the very beginning you are expertly trained by us in your new DATRON product. This saves time and money. Your employees will receive immediate professional advice regarding applications, maintenance, adaptation and upgrading, so that many questions can be immediately answered on the spot. With the best training for your employees you can use the full potential of the machine. Thus problems arise not only that we work with you to optimize maintenance schedules. We make out optimized maintenance schedules with you in order to avoid problems in advance. With this you receive your maximum productivity without any downtime.

Have you got any questions? We are glad to help you: +49 (0)6151-1419-99

Service à la clientèle

"Machines de grande qualité et service clientèle exceptionnel - le service à la clientèle DATRON"

Vous venez d'acquérir une machine DATRON et vous avez besoin de conseils ? Vous souhaitez utiliser votre "DATRON" pour d'autres applications ou la repositionnez dans votre environnement de travail ?
Vous possédez votre machine depuis de nombreuses années mais aujourd'hui, vous devez accomplir une nouvelle mission ? Vous vous posez des questions sur le fonctionnement et le dépannage ? De nombreuses questions, mais une seule réponse : le service à la clientèle DATRON. Fiabilité, convivialité et compétence. Ce ne sont pas que des mots. Nous prenons en charge nos clients dès le début, quelle que soit la situation. Cela fait partie de notre mission et nous assumons nos responsabilités vis-à-vis de nos clients.
La ligne d'assistance répond aux questions initiales, résout les problèmes, y compris ceux liés aux logiciels et à la programmation de manière claire et précise. Nous vous apportons une aide rapide dans de nombreuses difficultés du quotidien. Les ingénieurs de nos agences situées dans le pays et à l'étranger vous fournissent des conseils et une assistance immédiate, pour une gamme élargie de tâches. Nous pouvons garantir des délais de livraison courts grâce à notre vaste stock de pièces de rechange variées.

Notre téléservice, e-Messenger et la maintenance à distance ouvrent la voie à de nouveaux moyens de nous contacter à tout moment. Nous réalisons des analyses très rapides avec la technologie avancée. Notre rapport qualité de service/coût est très intéressant.

Vous bénéficiez d'une formation par nos experts aux premières heures de l'utilisation de votre nouvelle machine DATRON; Vous gagnez ainsi du temps et de l'argent. Vos employés reçoivent des conseils professionnels immédiats sur les applications, la maintenance, les ajustements et la mise à niveau. L'excellente formation de vos employés vous permet d'exploiter pleinement le potentiel de votre machine. Des problèmes peuvent survenir aussi nous collaborons avec vous pour raccourcir les délais de maintenance. Nous fixons des délais de maintenance qui vous épargneront des problèmes. Vous êtes assuré d'une productivité optimale sans immobilisation.

Avez-vous des questions ? Nous serions heureux d'y répondre au +49 (0)6151-1419-99

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23 Years of Innovative Products!

DATRON Technology Ltd. was formed in 1990 and has been supplying High Speed Machines to a wide variety of industries throughout the UK.

DATRON's development expertise in the areas of mechanics, electronics and software, and the strong modular design of our products, lead to the excellent overall function of our systems and machines.

The trans-sectoral development expertise of our team is a special plus for DATRON. More than 20 patents have been filed.

DATRON AG is a publicly traded, internationally successful high-tech company in Mühltal-Traisa near Darmstadt.

Our product portfolio covers CNC milling machines for high speed milling (HSC-milling) and 3D engraving, dental milling machines for the efficient processing of all common materials in dental laboratories, dispensing machines for accurate and quick bonding and sealing, tools for high-speed processing and after-sales services such as training, support, accessories and the sale of spare parts.

Our products excel at their high degree of innovation and their strong focus on the customer’s benefits. Since almost 25% of our employees work in R&D, we can respond quickly to new market trends and processing of future-oriented materials such as composites. The modular design of DATRON machines allows them to be configured for individual customer requirements. DATRON equipment is more energy efficient due to its innovative lightweight design, and is therefore more cost-efficient than comparable machines with a same level of performance.

DATRON AG is the market leader in Germany for machines engineered for front panel and case machining, and also a technology leader in the production of highly precise, accurate-volume dispensing machines.

DATRON AG employs about 240 people in Germany and maintains a worldwide distribution network in over 20 countries.

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Senior Management Team

Dr. Arne Brüsch

Dr. Arne Brüsch was first trained as a banker at the Dresdner Bank AG in Darmstadt. Upon finishing his training with the Dresdner Bank, he studied the science of management from 1989 to 1994 at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main, where he earned a degree in business administration. Following this came his doctoral studies, which resulted in his being awarded a doctorate in business and social sciences. In 1999, Dr. Brüsch started as an authorised business officer at the DATRON-Electronic GmbH (which has since become the DATRON AG), and was made chief executive officer in 2002. Dr. Brüsch is Chairman of the Managing Board and is responsible for Sales and Marketing.

Michael Daniel

Mr. Michael Daniel started his career with an apprenticeship as a banker at Stadtsparkasse Lippstadt, from 1996 through 1999 followed by economic studies with a major in financial services at the private university of applied sciences FHDW in Hannover. Mr. Daniel graduated with the diploma of Diplom-Kaufmann (FH). After a brief employment at a Frankfurt based investment bank, in 2000 Mr. Daniel founded the publicly traded PCI AG, a business consultancy focussing on net equity. Mr. Daniel was CEO of PCI AG prior to joining DATRON AG. As a member of the board of DATRON AG, Mr. Daniel is holds the position of CFO.

Thorsten Müller

Thorsten Müller was trained in 1993 as an industrial mechanic for mechanical and systems engineering at the Frauenhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit (structural durability) in Darmstadt-Kranichstein. Thereafter, Mr Müller worked at various technical companies, most notably as a toolmaker at the WEBA-Werk KG in Ober-Ramstadt in the field of aeronautical hydraulic systems from 1995 to 1996. He followed this up in 1996 to 1998 with a position as technical director for the "North" region at Mövenpick AG. From 1998 to 1999, Mr Müller worked at the WEBA-Werk KG in Ober-Ramstadt as a programmer in the area of aeronautical hydraulic systems. Then Mr Müller was operations manager at the Aral-Center Dürholt from 1999 to 2000. Mr Müller joined DATRON – Mechanik GmbH as an industrial mechanic in 2000. In 2001 he moved to the service department of DATRON, where he has been the head of customer service since 2002. As a member of the Managing Board, he holds the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Senior Management Team
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Supervisory Board

Dr. Thomas Milde


Manfred Krieg

Certified and Tax Accountant

Farid El-Nomany



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Abele

Head of Institute PTW Darmstadt

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