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By sending my personal information I voluntarily give DATRON consent to store my data. My consent also includes the passing on of my data to related subjects to third parties which are part of the DATRON network, are a DATRON subsidiary, distributor and or specialist. A sale of my personal data, or the disclosure to third parties for marketing purposes outside of the DATRON network is excluded. All DATRON service providers are obliged to an required to comply with the Data Protection Act. If I don't want to receive any further information from DATRON in future, I can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletter, or request the cancellation of my personal data by e-mailing a request (e-mail address: info@datron.de). A link to unsubscribe can be found at the end of every newsletter.

I further give my consent that DATRON may use the data to improve the customer experience as well as the use for market research and public opinion.

More information on the DATRON Privacy Policy can be found here

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