We present the DATRON MXCube, the premium class of our high-speed portal machines!

The rigid structure, maximum dynamics and a powerful high-frequency spindle are ideal for modern HSC strategies and can  combine high machining volume with outstanding surface finish. The completely redesigned machine with optimised chip concept offers a wide range of functions for operation in an industrial environment.

*Available for order from Q1 2019 in Germany only.

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360° functional design

Functional cabin

  • excellent access to all functions facilitates operation
  • clear visibility of machining
  • DATRON next

  • (r)evolutionary DATRON machine control system
  • makes HSC milling easy, secure and convenien
  • Compact base

  • compact base
  • extremely large machining area
  • Chip conveyor

  • external chip conveyor
  • transporting chips reliable from the working area
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    MXCube Interior

    Look around & get excited

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    • Automation & Handling

      Heavy plates or clamping systems can be easily placed in the machining area manually or with a crane. It can also be integrated into an automationsolution.

    • Functional cabin

      Robust steel construction with advanced design for years of industrial operation. Excellent access to all functions facilitates operation and service. A large panel ensures clear visibility of machining. The conspicuous LED display shows the machine status from a distance.

    • DATRON HSC milling

      High dynamics, high speeds and feed rates, a rigid portal structure and economical minimum-quantity cooling lubrication ensure optimal results for machining aluminium, non-ferrous metals.

    • Compact base

      Your DATRON Plus: extremely large machining area compared to the compact base.

    • The (r)evolutionary DATRON machine control system makes HSC milling easy, secure and convenient. more »
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    By connecting an automation solution, heavy plates, workpieces or clamping systems can be brought into the workspace of the DATRON MXCube by robot or crane. The MXCube can be loaded from optional positions through optional automation ports.

    Option 1

    Load the MXCube from above or directly from the front using a crane. Optionally, the manual door can also be replaced by a powered door, whereby an automated loading from above or front is given.

    Option 2

    A powered door on the right side allows the DATRON MXCube to be loaded with the help of external automation.



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    Machining table made of mineral cast Table types:
    + Full table
    + Table with breakout
    + Integrated conical thread
    + Integrated vacuum and compressed air connections
    + Vacuum distributor
    Portal height 205 mm
    Machining area (X x Y x Z) 1,000 mm x 700 mm x 200 mm
    Max. traverse path (X x Y x Z) 1,040 mm x 850 mm x 270 mm
    High-frequency spindle + Power: 8.0 kW
    + Type: synchronous, vector-controlled
    + Speed (max.): 34,000 rpm
    + Tool insert: HSK-E32
    Tool changer + Up to 110 tools
    + Tool diameter max. 24 mm
    Minimum-quantity cooling lubrication system Optional:
    + 4-nozzle spray ring
    + 9-litre coolant tank
    + Tool internal cooling lubrication
    + Second coolant tank (9 liters)
    Positioning feed x/y 40 m/min
    Positioning feed z 28 m/min
    Direct absolute path-measuring systems All axes
    Control system DATRON next with 24“ multi-touch operating terminal including keyboard
    Rotary axis (4th axis) Optional
    Chip conveyor Scraper conveyor, optional
    Dimensions (W x D x H) without terminal 2,705 mm x 1,859 mm x 2,235 mm
    Dimensions (W x D x H) with terminal, folded out 3,358 mm x 2,058 mm x 2,235 mm
    Weight 3,800 kg