DATRON Machine Software

DATRON Software Gives You a Headstart

Fast CAD/CAM data transfer and an easy-to use machine software: This is how you save valuable time! DATRON´s milling machines offer an open system approach and absolutely practice-oriented machine software, a fast and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software, and interfaces to all standard 2D and 3D CAD programms.

  • The proprietary DATRON CNC software offers high performance rates while providing the most simple handling for the operator. This is achieved by means of a clearly structured user interface based on Windows plus programming with plain language commands. The guidance menu  is intuitive, so that even complex applications can be easily programmed. There is a full range of simple and complex commands available for milling, drilling and engraving. Also, existing library functions can be used, or new ones created by the operator. Already existing data is used via CAD interfaces.

    The DATRON CNC software offers an extensive software help and is also available as a work preparation version.


    • Very simple programming by means of menu guidance and powerful macro functions
    • Easy to learn, easy to operate
    • Very fast programming: With two hits of a button, you can reach most basic functions
    • Macro programming system with plain language commands
    • Library of basic elements; e. g. DSUB, BNC, Lemosa
    • Many “ready-to-use” commands, e.g. thread, counterbore, rectangles, circles and pocket cycles
    • Automatic tool radius correction
    • Powerful engraving commands
    • Extensive font libraries available
    • Graphic display of the machining paths in several display modes
    • Machining simulation with display of the actual tool diameter
    • Measuring function on the screen
    • Simple pre-calculation by specifying machining duration and machining path
    • Fast and simple interfaces for CAD/CAM programs: Data converters are available for the following formats: HPGL, DIN 66025, and drilling data
  • Upgrading the machine software from CNCv8 to v9 offers the following new functions:

    • Extension of "Condition" macro
    • Order of submacros
    • Deviations in Z correction
    • Tool data, Position data
    • Macro command "Environment"
    • New macros "ArcA" und "Arcl"
    • New macro parameters
    • "Mload" (execution of external files MCR and ISO)
    • "Checktool"
    • "Tcheck" extended
    • Text in the macro
    • Execute macro project in nesting mode
    • Order displayed in libraries
    • "Mservice" macro
    • "Dynamic" macro
    • Revision and extension of the "Thread" command
    • Extension of "Repeat" macro
  • DATRON PerfectCut smoothing and dynamics combination for HSC milling machines (M8Cube, M10 Pro, C5) offers numerous advantages in terms of production efficiency and machining quality.
    With PerfectCut you reduce tool wear of your machine, increase surface quality and shorten the machining time of your workpieces. Added to the extremely fast dynamic switching (“Expert” V9), which contains 5 different modes,  the individual functions of the contour smoothing filter and the high batch rate you get the opportunity to adjust the machine perfectly for a big range of different machining tasks. This way you can get the maximum performance out of the mechanics!

    The PerfectCut package includes the following new options:

    • Contour smoothing
    • Jerk monitoring (the machine runs smoother and with less vibration)
    • More decimal places (previously 3, now 5 for higher resolution, thus less rounding errors and more precise surfaces)

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DATRON works with all established CAD/CAM solutions

3D-CAD/CAM Software

With DIN/ISO standard interfaces and an APT (CL-Print) interface, each DATRON machine is compatible to all standard 3D CAD/CAM programs. As standard DATRON use SolidWorks and as an integrated CAM module SolidCAM.
Our customers e.g. use the following programs:

  • Inventor HSM (used at the DATRON Technology Center)
  • HSMWorks (used at the DATRON Technology Center)
  • MasterCAM (used at the DATRON Technology Center)
  • AutoCAD
  • SolidCAM
  • Pro-Engineer
  • PEPS
  • Surfcam
  • Edgecam
  • u.a.

2D CAD/CAM Software

The CAD/CAM software package PrimCAM offers excellent features at an affordable price. Its clearly structured menus allow even beginners to write CNC programs in no time at all.

Engraving Software

From the simple plate engraving to the creation of complex embossing dies Type 3 fulfils all wishes where artistic or technical applications are concerned. Operating Type3 on a DATRON milling machine you will quickly achieve optimum results.

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  • The CAM solutions from Autodesk work as a plugin in most of the widespread CAD systems like Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks.

    For those working in the construction environment, milling programs are easily create from 2.5D machining operations all the way to 5-Axis Milling Operations

    The integrated CAM solution you work within regularly are the same here and you will feel right at home. Your first quality tool paths will be created within minutes.

    The free postprocessor with many additional functions allows you to work comfortably with any of the DATRON machine systems.

  • Mastercam offers a wide range of complete machining software for 2- to 5-axis milling. Thanks to the modular structure, Mastercam can be tailored to special applications (Mastercam, milling entry, Level1, Level2, Level3). Mastercam is the most frequently used PC-based CAD/CAM software of the world today with more than 200,000 installations.

  • The 2.5D CAD/CAM system PrimCAM implements the philosophy of DATRON machine software consistently for the CAD/CAM area: Easy to learn, easy to operate, but still powerful. The clearly structured menu guidance allows even CAM beginners to create their own CNC programmes within a minimum amount of time. Many special functions of the DATRON CNC control are directly integrated in PrimCAM.

  • Type3 from Vision Numeric is a specially perfected software solution for 3D CNC machining in the artistic and creative area. 3D engraving, complex dies, coins, jewellery elements and many other — more artistic — applications can be effectively realised and manufactured on the DATRON machine. Further powerful software solutions in this application area are also provided by AHSoft (HCAM) and Delcam (ArtCAM).

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