Cooling/Lubrication Systems

DATRON Minimum Quantity Cooling Lubrication Systems

DATRON minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems have been developed over years of application experience. Depending on the coolant, there are no or only minimal residues. No cleaning, no degreasing - a great advantage in many applications. The evaporation process removes the heat generated during milling. In addition, the ethanol lubricates the cutting edge of the tool, which increases tool life. The complete evaporation of the ethanol eliminates the need to clean the workpieces after machining.

The DATRON minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems can be used with various cooling lubricants (e.g.: ethanol, fatty alcohol, oil) and are designed for reproducible results in milling and engraving processes with particularly small quantities of liquid.


4-nozzle spray unit

The spray system consists of four adjustable nozzles with a focused jet arranged around the milling cutter. This achieves optimum distribution of the cooling lubricant (coolant). The coolant thus always reaches the cutting edge of the tool, regardless of the milling direction.

The DATRON 4-nozzle spray units are available fixed and adjustable for the DATRON M8Cube, DATRON MLCube, DATRON M10 Pro and DATRON MXCube machines.

*Image of the DATRON MXCube spray unit.

Illustration of the DATRON MXCube spray unit

MMKS Container

Reservoir with level monitoring

Robust metal reservoir for the standard cooling lubrication system.

The reservoir with a capacity of 5 liters or 9 liters is attached directly to the machine. Process reliability is guaranteed by an automatic fill level control with warning message via the control system. A visual fill level control is also a component.

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