Machine Accessories & Consumables

Accessories for CNC Machines

The efficiency of CNC production is decisively determined by the accessories. Therefore DATRON develops powerful accessories for effective and thus profitable work.

HSK-E Collets

The HSK-E polygonal collets were developed for precise and safe machining even at high speeds.
The stable, rotationally symmetrical design features excellent concentricity of less than 3 μm. This enables high-quality milling results at up to 60,000 1/min.

Passive vibration damping significantly improves the service life of the high-frequency spindle and cutting tool.

The right spindle for your individual requirements!

High quality, precision and durability are common features of all DATRON high frequency (HF) spindles. DATRON offers high-frequency spindles in several performance classes for speeds up to 60,000 rpm with highest precision and smooth running.

Pneumatics accessories
Membrane Dryer Unit MTE

The membrane air dryer with maintenance unit protects the high-frequency spindle and pneumatic valves from damage caused by excessively moist compressed air.

The air dryer is pneumatically operated and does not require its own connections. It is simply inserted into the compressed air line. Therefore, the air dryer is particularly suitable where no other connection option is available.

Mode of operation:
The membrane attracts moisture from the compressed air and releases it on the atmosphere side. To keep the membrane reliably dry, part of the dried air is diverted and passed over the membrane on the outside. This results in an air consumption of approx. 10% of the nominal flow rate.

Control accessories
CNC manual control unit DATRON next

The hand control unit of DATRON milling machines with DATRON next control is characterized by the ergonomic design and intuitive operability.

Control accessories
GSM modem

With the GSM module, status messages of the machine can be sent to up to 10 cell phones via SMS. The functions "Machine error monitoring" and "Project end monitoring" are supported by the software (also adjustable via Apple iPad® tablet).

Cooling lubricants for minimum quantity lubrication

Beyond CNC machines and tools, DATRON also offers suitable cooling lubricants (KSS). This new KSS generation, named ProCut, is exclusively suitable for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). The ProCut coolants are characterized by very low consumption. In addition, considerable savings are made in operating and personnel costs for machine and parts cleaning, coolant replacement, etc. In addition to the ProCut cooling lubricants, DATRON also offers MQL systems from Microjet, which ensure optimum wetting of the workpieces with their flexibly alignable spray nozzles.

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