5-Axis Miling With Space-saving Footprint

Die DATRON C5 is perfectly suited for the following materials

  •     Steel
  •     Alloy steel
  •     Non-ferrous metals
  •     Plastics
  •     Zircon, CoCr
  •     Composites


  •     5-axis machining
  •     Precision engineering
  •     Electrode production
  •     Watches
  •     Jewellery industry
  •     Micromachining
  •     Medical technologynten

C5 Automation

5-Axis Milling Machine

 The DATRON C5 is a powerful small-footprint CNC milling solution that was specifically designed for the 5-axis machining of small parts. Powerful servo and torque motors ensure high dynamics and speed.

  •     1.8 kW spindle with HSK-E 25 collets, up to 48,000 rpm
  •     high precision 4th/5th axis
  •     automatic 22fold tool changer
  •     Heidenhain linear positioning measuring system
  •     integrated tool length sensor
  •     integrated zero-point clamping system