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Thu, February 16, 2017

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With the DATRON vacuum clamping system, DATRON AG offers maximum clamping force with easy handling.

DATRON AG offers a vacuum clamping system with a superior clamping force.

Batch milling small runs of parts from sheet material is an extremely efficient and economical manufacturing method. But, the efficiency of this process depends greatly on the ability to hold flat sheet material securely during machining and also to hold the small, individual parts in place once they’ve been milled free from the sheet material.

DATRON AG, an expert milling machine manufacturer in Germany, offers a vacuum clamping system with a superior clamping force that holds large sheet material, as well as extremely small finished parts. This system enables short set-up times, easy handling, and quick job change over – all for added manufacturing efficiency.

The unique design of the DATRON vacuum clamping system ensures superior holding force due to its optimum vacuum distribution, which therefore allows for precise machining of difficult-to-clamp forms and thinnest sheet materials. Various workpieces can be clamped simultaneously on the modular clamping plate, which is divided into segments. This provides setup flexibility and yields time-efficient production.

As of last year, DATRON AG revolutionized the machine tool industry by introducing DATRON neo.  This vanguard machine has been equipped with two modular clamping plates with 10 individually activated segments. For use with the vacuum set, DATRON offers DATRON VacuCard, a semi-permeable substrate which is used to optimally distribute the vacuum and also act as a sacrificial layer under the workpiece that reduces risk of damage to the table when performing through cuts. With easy setup and handling for the vacuum clamping set, even beginners in high-speed milling can immediately start operating the machine.

Innovative options like this vacuum clamping system show that DATRON AG is committed to delivering cutting-edge German engineering while supporting customers through the entire workflow, including technology consulting, sales and after-sales maintenance and repair services. With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets the highest quality standards and provides the best solution for successful and economical production.

Further information on "smart milling" can be found at www.datron-neo.com intended for milling “newbies” and CNC enthusiasts.

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