Front Panels

Milling machines for highest productivity and optimum quality

DATRON offers an excellent solution for machining front panels

In the production of front panels, precision and flexibility are of crucial importance. The exact implementation of milling, contours, drilling, engraving and cutouts according to specific production requirements demands both speed and highest quality. In this demanding process DATRON is your reliable partner, enabling you to machine individual housing, front panel or component designs where you achieve both economic and technological excellence - and that with different materials such as aluminum, brass or acrylic. The success of many hundreds of customers in the field of housing and front panel machining is an incentive and obligation for us for the continuous further development and ongoing optimization of the machines and accessories.

DATRON milling machines convince in front panel milling with a variety of strengths that meet the requirements of modern manufacturing:

  • Efficient production: DATRON is characterized by an excellent coordination of CNC technology, software, tooling and milling strategy from its own source. This results in shorter setup and machining times, which is particularly significant for the efficient machining of front panels. 
  • Powerful spindle: DATRON milling machines feature high-speed spindles that achieve impressive cutting speeds and produce precise results. This offers the possibility to efficiently machine a front panel with low tool wear and reduced maintenance, thus guaranteeing high quality.
  • Guaranteed precision: DATRON guarantees you precise implementation down to the smallest detail when milling. Our CNC milling machines are designed to perform every machining operation with the highest accuracy. Be it the precise drilling of holes, the exact shaping of contours or the finest engraving of lettering - the results on every front panel are perfectly adjusted and fit perfectly.
  • Highest flexibility: Machining a front panel often requires individual designs and adjustments. Our milling technology at DATRON makes it possible to flexibly implement complex designs and shapes that meet the highest demands.
  • Top accessories: Our milling machines can be equipped with high-quality accessories to give your company a significant production advantage. These include vacuum clamping technology, sensors as integrated measuring systems, milling tools, software modules and much more.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio: DATRON milling machines offer an excellent price-performance ratio in addition to high quality and precise results when milling front panels. This combination convinces numerous companies and makes them a worthwhile investment for businesses looking for first-class results at a reasonable price.

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Examples of front panels:

  • Aluminum front panels (also anodized)
  • Stainless steel front panels
  • Plastic front panels
  • Name plates and identification badges

Our machine functions, among others:

  • Breakouts
  • Threads
  • Counterbores
  • Pocket milling
  • Engravings
  • And much more
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