Machine control of the next Generation

DATRON next is a state-of-the-art control software for our DATRON milling machines. It is available with the DATRON three-axis milling machines and is designed to enable beginners and milling professionals to safely operate the machine within a very short training time.

Simple and safe

The swipe gesture operation, like a smartphone, makes milling almost as easy as 3D printing. Assistant functions and an integrated camera guide the operator through the milling process in just a few steps. Self-explanatory Icons help to quickly identify various functions. The absolute highlight of the machine is the combination of the camera in the machining room together with the touch sensitive display and an XYZ sensor. This allows the user to set the origin of his workpiece simply by swiping gesture and saves the time-consuming manual input of complex numerical data. In addition, the operator can simulate the milling process in advance in 3D and correct it if necessary. After setting up the workpiece in a matter of seconds, the user can rely on the proven DATRON quality in high-speed milling.

For beginners and professionals

Despite its simplicity, DATRON next is also a fully-fledged control system optimized for high-speed milling. It provides access to the parameters and the behavior of the machine. For example, the integrated editor allows you to create complex milling programs and makes necessary adjustments to existing programs. The programming language supports the creation of programs with loops and conditions. Extensive technology functions for adapting dynamic behavior, contour smoothing or the spray system are all available in the manual operating menu. In this way, it also meets the requirements of milling professionals.


Milling has never been easier

With the DATRON next, you can operate the machine safely in the shortest possible time. Graphical elements and operation via touch and swipe gestures make the control an experience.


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