Accessories and consumables for CNC Milling Machines



This cardboard layer serves as a sacrificial layer in vacuum clamping technology. This special fabric structure distributes homogeneously and thus guarantees uniform suction force over the entire clamping surface.

  •     produces homogeneous vacuum distribution
  •     uniform suction force
  •     Format matched to DATRON vacuum plates

Tool clamping technology

Our collets are characterized by their high quality and precision and are therefore the ideal solution for all applications where the highest demands are placed on machining accuracy.

Further Accessories

ProCut 56: For machining workpieces made of aluminum and plastics.

ProCut 56-2: Serves as ethanol substitute and is predestined for Plexiglas machining

ProCut 200: Especially for steel machinin

Service-Set for HF-Spindles

Service set for regular cleaning and greasing of the spindle. It is recommended to clean the collet in the spindle at least once a week according to the instructions in the manual.

Changing stations

Accessories for automatic tool change. The changing stations are available in various mounting sizes

Stop rings and insertion tool

The stop rings are used to fix the tool shank in the changing station. To press on the rings for the 6 mm and 8 mm shanks, we recommend our stop ring insertion tool.

Find here the stop rings in the DATRON Online Shop and the suitable insertion tool.

Spray cans and brackets
Sliding nuts and centering bushes

Cooling lubricant


ProCut 56

ProCut 56 shows its strengths when machining workpieces made of aluminum and plastics - especially in combination with the DATRON CleanCut chip extraction system. The lubricant enables burr-free machining of the workpieces. In addition, it prevents material build-up (built-up edges) on the tool. No explosion protection is required during suction. ProCut 56 is almost completely volatile and leaves very little residue on the workpiece.


ProCut 56-2

ProCut 56-2 serves as an ethanol substitute and is predestined for Plexiglas machining. Thus, this MM lubricant is particularly suitable for companies or business areas in which the use of ethanol is not permitted and for machining materials that tend to swell when in contact with ethanol.


ProCut 200

The lubricant ProCut 200 was developed especially for steel machining. With the help of this very high-yield MM lubricant, considerably longer tool life is achieved when machining hard materials. Cleaning of the machined parts can also be dispensed with in most cases.

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