Electronics manufacturing work examples:
Milling, drilling, PG threads

High-precision machining of housings is closely associated with the DATRON brand name. We understand your production challenges and have adapted our technologies to meet your individual production requirements.

Aluminum, stainless steel, plastics and composites, DATRON machines them.

With the M8Cube, M10 Pro and MLCube series, DATRON offers flexible machine concepts that also enable the machining of very large electronic housings, e.g. made of die-cast aluminum, plastics and fiberglass-reinforced plastics.

DATRON milling machines efficiently process your manufacturing requirements due to their high-speed spindles, automatic tool change and time-saving clamping techniques - no matter what material you are machining!

Our CNC technology:

  • Cutouts
  • Threads, chamfers
  • Holes
  • Milling pockets
  • Engravings
  • and much more
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