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DATRON Remote Help

Smart. Simple. Fast.

Maintain your productivity with fast and straightforward technical support for your DATRON milling machine via real-time video support.

With the DATRON Remote Help App you connect to our experts via live video via live video and receive first-class support without additional effort and costs. Let your machine operator or service technician be in direct contact via smartphone, tablet or data glasses into immediate contact with one or more or several DATRON experts. We see what you see, so that we can quickly make a resilient remote diagnosis.

  • Interactive platform for technical support via live video
  • Resilient remote diagnostics via live video function
  • Shortened downtime due to fast support

Overview of the most important functionalities:


Within the chat functionality you can send screenshots, images and PDF documents.


You get the possibility to share data with each other in individual or group chat via file sharing with each other. A huge advantage especially in noisy industrial environments and ideal for fast data exchange in online and offline working environments.


Label and mark up what is shown directly during the video call. In case of poor cellular or Internet coverage, simply create a screenshot or photo, label it, and send it to the expert as soon as reception is restored.

DATRON Remote Help App

First-Class technical support

Download the DATRON Remote Help App for your smartphone or tablet here:


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