Aluminium Extrusions

CNC milling machine for aluminum profiles

Milling profiles and extrusions economically!

You can mill thin-walled aluminum profiles burr-free with the sophisticated CNC milling machines from DATRON. The wide range of machine sizes ensures that specific production requirements can be implemented. Whether small or large workpieces - with our aluminum milling machines, we offer the right solution for every task. 

Thanks to advanced technology and precise processing, our machines guarantee outstanding performance: high spindle speeds, coordinated high-speed mini-tools and low cutting forces result in an almost burr-free cut. In addition, the coolant/lubricant technology used is largely residue-free. This eliminates the need for reworking and additional cleaning - saving you time and money.

Technological strengths of DATRON for thin-walled aluminum profiles

DATRON's strengths for thin-walled aluminum profiles are groundbreaking and make the company a leading innovator in the industry. Let us convince you of the technical features and advantages:

  • High spindle speeds: DATRON's high-speed spindles enable extremely fast speeds that are ideal for precise and efficient milling of aluminum. This leads to significantly improved surface quality and precision.
  • Coordinated high-speed mini-tools: Specially developed mini-tools enable precise and fine machining, ideal for thin-walled profiles. These tools are matched to the high speeds of the spindles to achieve optimum cutting results.
  • Low cutting forces: The combination of high speeds and precisely manufactured tools results in minimal cutting forces. This is particularly important for thin-walled aluminum profiles, as it prevents material deformation and enables an almost burr-free cut.
  • Residue-free coolant/lubricant technology: The coolant and lubricant technology used leaves hardly any residue on the machined parts. This not only reduces the amount of cleaning required after machining, but also protects the environment.
  • Time and cost efficiency: The almost burr-free cut and the minimal need for reworking and cleaning save you valuable working time and reduce production costs.
  • Integrated measuring system: Benefit from a high-precision measuring system that compensates for clamping and material tolerances fully automatically. This ensures improved accuracy and quality of your profiles, minimizes rejects and saves time in production.
  • Very good price/performance ratio: Experience first-class performance at a competitive price. DATRON aluminum routers offer high reliability and durability, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.
  • Low energy consumption: Further reduce your operating costs with the low energy consumption of our machines. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also helps to protect the environment.
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