Sheet Machining

Milling aluminum and plastic plates

DATRON offers the perfect solution for plate machining:

Let the precision, versatility and efficiency of our plate machining solution convince you. With the use of granite tables and ball bearing spindles, we guarantee you the required accuracy when milling, drilling and engraving your plate materials, while our vacuum clamping technology increases your profitability. Optimize the manufacturing processes in your company and become more competitive with DATRON's machines for CNC plate machining.


DATRON's technology strengths in CNC sheet machining

  • Mechanical engineering: Our machines are ideally suited for the production of machine parts and components, such as housings, frames, plates or structural parts. Precise CNC machining enables you to manufacture high-quality and precisely fitting components.
  • Electronics industry: Our CNC machines enable you to manufacture printed circuit boards, housings for electronic devices and components. They ensure the precise machining of PCB materials such as FR4, aluminum or copper.
  • Advertising industry: Our machines for CNC machining of boards are ideally suited for use in the advertising industry to precisely drill, mill and engrave signs, display elements, 3D letters and other advertising materials.
  • Aerospace industry: A DATRON machine for CNC plate machining ensures precise production of aircraft components, drone frames and other parts made of metal or composite materials.
  • Medical: Our CNC technology is used in the production of medical devices, implants and components to achieve precise and consistent results.
  • Automotive: You can also use our machines for CNC machining for the production of body components, prototypes and small batch production.
  • Architecture and construction: DATRON technology is also ideal for the construction industry to produce facade elements, formwork, profiles and structural elements from various materials such as aluminum, steel or composite materials.
DATRON Application

Panel processing - support frame for flying drone

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