General CNC machining applications

DATRON milling machines are versatile, deliver highest quality in short production times

Rely on DATRON for versatile CNC machining and highest quality in short production times. Our machines are designed to meet your requirements in the areas of 2D/3D milled parts, micro drilling, medical technology, aerospace industry, micro molds and many other applications. We are your reliable partner for precise and efficient milling for your production.

DATRON's technology strengths in CNC machining

  • 2D/3D milled parts: Our milling machines are capable of producing precise and complex 2D and 3D milled parts. Whether it's prototypes, one-off parts or series production, our CNC machines deliver outstanding results for your manufacturing.
  • Micro drilling: With our technology, even extremely small bores can be produced with high precision. This is especially important for applications where tiny parts/components are used, such as in the electronics industry.
  • Applications in medical technology: DATRON milling machines are optimally suited for the machining of medical components and implants. For CNC machining, we offer high precision, hygiene standards and material compatibility to meet the strict requirements of medical technology.
  • Aerospace industry: Our milling machines are also used in the aerospace industry. They enable the machining of aircraft parts, satellite components and other high-precision parts that must meet the high standards of this industry.
  • Micro molds: DATRON technology is also ideal for machining the smallest of molds. Our CNC machines can implement tiny details and filigree structures with high precision to meet your specific requirements.
  • And much more! Our milling machines offer many more application possibilities. Whether it's machining plastics, metals, ceramics or other materials, DATRON offers you the technology to successfully implement your individual projects.

Further info: Due to the open software structure, an adoption of many CAM module data based on G-code data is possible.

CNC machining for the aerospace industry

The production of sophisticated aluminum components for the aerospace industry presents your manufacturing process with numerous technical challenges. At DATRON, we offer CNC milling solutions that set technological, qualitative and economical sustainable standards in production. We support you from consulting to the selection of the optimal milling tools, from process optimization to the establishment of an efficient workflow.

In this context, the development of high-quality machining strategies is crucial to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry. Our experts have extensive experience in the development of such strategies and processes and are available to support you with their expertise. To this end, we analyze your specific requirements and find tailored solutions to optimize production processes and enable you to manufacture high-quality components.

Indispensable for reliable production is the choice of the right milling tools. Our extensive selection of precise, high-quality tools enables us to find the best possible combination for your application. We make sure you get the right tools for machining aluminum components in the aerospace industry.

To be successful in this highly competitive growth market, a holistic process chain is crucial. That's why, in the field of CNC machining, we don't just offer you individual solutions, but accompany you throughout the entire process. We optimize your workflows, ensure maximum process reliability and supply you with a CNC milling machine tailored to your individual requirements with the appropriate tools.

For more information on the ideal CNC milling machine for your requirements, optional accessory packages and details on our service, please refer to the Aerospace brochure.


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