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Quality management at DATRON AG is characterised by success, transparency and accountability

“Quality is a primary objective at DATRON. The high quality of our products is what makes DATRON so successful both nationally and and in the international sphere. Only with our high quality can we achieve our ultimate goal: absolute customer satisfaction”.
This highlights the importance of safeguarding and further developing quality requirements at DATRON. Quality pervades all areas of the business. Starting at the product development process, throughout distribution and delivery of products and ending with after-sales service, there are control systems that report discrepancies and deviations, assuring them to be tackled immediately.

DATRON AG is of course DIN ISO 9001-certified.

“We constantly revise and adjust all processes within the company. The focus is our customer base, from the beginning to the end. All processes related to our ERP system and other software modules are permanently evaluated in order to increase efficiency and continue optimizing speed. A continuous process orientation is an important part of our business strategy”. “For us, criticism always represents an opportunity to get even better. However, our objective is a zero error rate. But that is not enough. If customers do not speak up, then they will be prompted by DATRON. Customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted. In addition to the established internal suggestion scheme, which encourages all DATRON employees to submit ideas and suggestions, the result is a living system that permanently records and introduces improvements”.

Fast and efficient reaction to customer requirements: Our large stock of spare parts makes this possible. Parts requested by German customers are usually delivered within 24 hours. Highest quality transparency, speed, accountability are aspects that we strive for daily at DATRON, and they are the guarantee that enables DATRON customers to trust in our business.

Qualitätsmanagement by DATRON


Dear Sir or Madam,

For us as a publicly listed company, we give put great emphasis on the transparent handling of suppliers and customers. With this note we would like to inform you about our dealing with so-called "conflict minerals".

The US Dodd-Frank Act requires US listed companies and others to annually disclose whether they use "conflict minerals" originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its neighboring countries (Angola, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Central African Republic). The raw materials tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten are regarded as “conflict materials”, if their extraction and trade in these raw materials contribute to the financing or other support of armed groups in this region. These substances can only be used in processed form as aggregates in metals, in surface finishes or in electronic components.

We source such precursors, some of which we use to design and manufacture our machine systems, exclusively through reliable suppliers who enjoy our long earned trust. We are currently not aware that these supply materials from the aforementioned countries and we have no reason to assume so.

As a user of materials, we have no influence on the origin of materials used by our suppliers. Thus, we can assume no responsibility whatsoever in this regard. We commit our suppliers to provide traceability and transparency of their products. Many of our suppliers provide information on material quality and origin on their websites.

Please understand that due to the high number of inquiries we cannot fill out any special questionnaires. However, we hope that this letter contains the information you requested and thank you for your trust.



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