Increased effectiveness with DATRON accessories

Accessories dosing systems

Accessories dosing systems

The exceptionally high dispensing quality, which is achieved regardless of travel speeds, is the essential feature of DATRON dispensing systems. However, programming, sensor technology, the variety of application possibilities and other "set-up times" often decisively determine the economic efficiency of production. That is why DATRON develops high-performance accessories. For effective and thus profitable work.

Many of the components shown here are a result of many years of experience in the process-safe processing of adhesives, sealants and other dispensable materials. The well-engineered concept and the practice-oriented design guarantee easy and efficient use in your daily production practice.

The dosing head forms the heart of every dosing system. By integrating the gear pump into the web control system, volume-
volume dosing is guaranteed at all times, independent of speed changes. The design of the patented gear pump also compensates for viscosity fluctuations in the metering medium, and a control system running in the background compensates for the thixotropic behavior of the materials. Start/stop, crossing or T-points are optimized with the aid of special software functions so that the docking points virtually merge with each other.

The material is fed optionally via cartridges, hobbocks up to 200 liter drums. Dispensing heads are available for almost all common 1K materials such as silicones, MS polymers, UV adhesives and sealants, hot melts, PUR and POP mixed polymers.

Accessories and technology

  • Spray head
  • Needle compensation
  • Sensor XYZ
  • Workpiece sensor
  • Level sensor
  • Distance sensor
  • Software
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