Software Options

Editing options

With these optionally available features you expand the machining capabilities of your machine according to the requirements of your production.

NEW! - User management

For the management and control of users/machine operators to whom different user rights can be assigned in each case.

Camera feature

For visual setup of the zero point with camera image and swipe gestures. Used for very fast, simple and at the same time safe preparation of the milling process.

Surface profile

For automatic height compensation when machining blanks with uneven surfaces.

Protected areas

For setting up individual areas in the working area of the machine, which must not be approached by the mold.

Sister tools

For wear monitoring and automation of tool replacement during machining.

Multiple version

For the production of several identical workpieces from a single blank and for serial execution of a program at different zero points.

Connectivity and machine apps

With these features, you are ideally equipped for the digital future. Access data from your machine easily and conveniently - via interface or browser app.


Interface for reading operating data of the machine by third party software applications.

Interface for running or stopping milling programs by software applications. Contains the REST API in the Basic variant.


For convenient access to the most important operating data of your machine with your smartphone or PC.


For convenient access to your machine's camera stream with your smartphone or PC.


With the DATRON Live Remote Link App, Simpl programs can be executed via DATRON Live.


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