Electronic Manufacturing

Milling, drilling, tapping and engraving

DATRON offers efficient solutions for the production of electronics

With decades of experience in electronics manufacturing, DATRON offers optimal solutions for high-precision milling, drilling, tapping and engraving in a single clamping operation. These are designed to maximize productivity while ensuring the precision and quality of the electronics produced. With its in-depth expertise, the company stands for outstanding manufacturing results in the electronics industry.

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DATRON's technological strengths in electronics production

Manufacturing electronics is a complex matter that involves many challenges. DATRON's technological strengths in electronics manufacturing are therefore of great importance for modern industry. With its many years of expertise and strong focus on innovative solutions, the company offers a wide range of technological advantages:

  • Advanced milling technologies: DATRON uses advanced milling technologies that are characterized by simple and intuitive operation. This enables them to ensure high-precision and efficient production of electronic components.
  • Innovative clamping techniques: Through innovative clamping techniques and vision systems, DATRON reduces set-up times and optimizes accuracy during the manufacturing process.
  • Integrated measuring probe: The integrated measuring probe ensures burr-free machining and outstanding surface quality of the manufactured electronic components and parts.
  • High-speed spindles: DATRON's milling machines are equipped with high-speed spindles, allowing short machining times to be realized. This enables faster production of high-quality electronics.
  • Minimum quantity cooling/lubrication system: The integration of a minimum quantity cooling/lubrication system helps to produce electronics almost residue-free and at the same time minimizes the environmental impact.
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