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DATRON Live ensures that you always have an overview of the operating status of your DATRON milling machines!

  • Program and remaining running time
  • Real-time camera transmission of the production process
  • Monitoring of compressed air, vacuum and coolant data
  • Overview of the milling tools available in the magazine
  • Information on the wear status of the milling tools*

*Optional feature: available in combination with the DATRON next sister tool management option

Advantages that will excite you:

  • Call up machine data and camera image of your milling process in real-time at any time regardless of your location **
  • Access via web browser from any device, such as smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Free updates with DATRON next release notes
  • Purchase a DATRON Live licence key just once
    • no runtime restrictions

** Requires the machine to be connected to a network. The device on which the app is installed must be on the same network as the machine.

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  • DATRON Live
  • DATRON Live - only Cockpit App
  • DATRON Live - only Camera App
  • DATRON Live - only Remote Link App

Apps & more features

Cockpit App

Machine app for accessing the most important operating data and statuses of your DATRON next machine. Interesting for machine operators who want to know when the job is exactly finished without having to go to the machine regularly.
For maintenance personnel who want to check whether the machine runs an error or is about to suffer one.
For CAM programmers who want to know which tools are available in the machine’s magazine and what their wear condition is.
Or for production managers who want to know if the machine is in operation and what its exact condition is.

  • The Cockpit App shows you the status notifications for your machine in the upper menu area. By pressing the button you can see other available notifications.
  • The section below graphically displays the processing progress, as well as the already completed time and remaining time of the program.
  • Below it, you can read operating data on the vacuum and input compressed air.

Camera App

From now on you can access the camera of your DATRON next machine remotely, giving you the opportunity to observe the current work progress live without being in front of the machine.

  • Access to the camera stream
  • Know what happens in the machining area
  • Uncomplicated viewing of the workpiece during machining
  • Checking for chip nests
  • Ideal addition to the Cockpit App

Remote Link App

The DATRON Live Remote Link app can be used for simpl macros. For example, for switching off the vacuum or shutting down the machine.

Login & Security

DATRON Live runs on your local network, no cloud, no danger of third parties accessing your data.

Digital Experience Event


If up to now you could only check the current operating status of your DATRON milling machine by personally inspecting it on site, with the DATRON Live Apps you will soon have everything in view at any time on PC, tablet and smartphone.


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