CNC milling machines when milling plastics and composites

DATRON offers the perfect solution for plastics machining

Machining plastics using CNC milling machines plays a crucial role in creating complex shapes, precise cutouts and fine details in plastic materials. Milling machines for plastics have specific requirements, so careful selection and configuration is necessary to achieve optimal results. Plastic machining is becoming increasingly important because plastic offers several advantages over metal, such as lighter weight, excellent sliding properties and resistance to chemicals. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all plastics are the same - the density of the materials varies greatly and has an impact on the machining of plastic. Powerful DATRON CNC milling machines successfully handle all challenges in the production of plastics and composites. Our machines are designed to perfectly perform even the most demanding tasks when milling these materials.

Technology strengths in the DATRON milling machine for plastics

DATRON milling machines convince with remarkable versatility for prototypes and at the same time ensure highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness in series production. This makes it possible to meet the most diverse requirements and implement a wide range of projects in plastics machining:

  • Production of plastic connections: The precision and versatility of our milling machines enable accurate milling of materials such as Delrin and Torlon to machine and manufacture quality plastic connectors.
  • Milling plastic die-cutting grooves: The precise control of DATRON CNC milling machines allows plastic die-cutting grooved plates made of materials such as Phenolic to be machined with accurate contours and indentations. 
  • Machining plastic solder frames: Our powerful milling machines can withstand the ruggedness and durability of materials like G10, Delmat and Durastone, enabling them to mill precise shapes and holes in plastic solder frames.
  • Milling plastic control panels: Transparent plastic control panels require precise surface machining to ensure clarity and quality. DATRON milling machines make it possible to accurately mill contours and cutouts on materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate.
  • Machining plastic prototypes: Manufacturing plastic prototypes requires high precision and adaptability. Our machines provide the speed and accuracy to mill prototypes from materials such as ureol and polystyrene with high quality.

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