Axis Extensions

Economical Multi-side Machining

With DATRON rotary axes, precision mechanical parts can be precisely machined on multiple sides. Small electrodes, circular engravings or even jewelry molds are typical applications. All DATRON rotary axes are supplied with integrated servo positioning unit and additional software. They can also be retrofitted without any problems.

5-Axis Machining

Rotating / Swiveling Table

The solid unit consists of a horizontally aligned swivel axis in U-design, which supports the compact rotary table with a faceplate diameter of 135 mm.
Five workpiece sides can be machined per clamping. The DATRON control also supports complex five-axis simultaneous machining here.



Dynamic and Precise 4th Axis

The DATRON Axis4 rotary axis expands the machining possibilities of your DATRON milling machine. In one clamping it enables multi-sided machining and circular engraving. Developed, tested and manufactured by DATRON, the rotary axis is perfectly matched to your DATRON milling machine with high dynamics and precision.

DATRON Fräsmaschinen-Zubehör: Axis4

Product Features

  • For more possibilities:
  • Multisided machining, circular engraving
  • Dynamics and precision for outstanding results
  • Flexible use thanks to optional accessories: three-jaw chuck, centering vise, tailstock
  • Precise alignment with the XYZ sensor (optional)
  • Easy positioning on the table thanks to module clamping technology
  • Easy change between 3- and 4-axis machine
  • Plug & Play connection in the work area
DATRON Fräsmaschinen-Zubehör: DATRON Axis4

Optional Accessories

Rotary axis with three-jaw chuck

  • Dimensions (D x H): 106 mm x 63.5 mm
  • Tip height: 55 - 75 mm
  • Clamping range (jaws tapered to the inside): 2 - 80 mm
  • Clamping range (jaws tapered to the outside): 25 - 78 mm
  • Inner borehole (D x H): 19 mm x 40 mm
  • Clamping force (max.): 13 kN
  • Tightening torque (max.): 30 Nm

Rotary axis with centric clamping device

  • Dimensions (D x H): 106 mm x 80 mm
  • Tip height: 65 - 75 mm
  • Clamping range: 0 - 65 mm
  • Jaw width: 46 mm
  • Clamping force (max.): 6 kN
  • Tightening torque (max.): 30 Nm

Rotary axis with tailstock

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 329 mm x 160 mm x 98 mm
  • Tip height (max.): 55 mm
  • Tip width (max.): 210 mm
  • Seat: MK2
  • Centring tip diameter (max.): 65 mm

Precision Rotary Axis

The DATRON rotary axis is characterized by a particularly high-quality design, very high resolution and maximum freedom from play. It offers high holding forces, e.g. for holding clamping devices. Available as single turn or multiturn version.
A robust gear running in an oil bath enables low-friction operation and offers long-term reliability.


Only DATRON milling machines that run the DATRON next machine control are compatible.

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