Sensor Technology

DATRON Sensor Technology

DATRON offers a range of sensors to meet your accuracy requirements

DATRON sensors are more than integrated "measuring systems", they measure and compensate for height differences in real time. DATRON sensor technology significantly reduces the setup times and machining results of DATRON milling machines.

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Precision Sensor TP-R

The TP-R precision sensor is characterized by a high measuring accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. Process reliability is increased with the TP-R sensor,
because the probe head is attached to the swivel arm with a magnetic coupling and thus disengages in the event of excessive horizontal forces before damage occurs.

DATRON Fräsmaschinen-Zubehör: Sensor TP-R

Tool Length Measuring

The precision probe head allows fast, precise and automatic measurement of the tool length as well as tool breakage control.
The operating principle with linear guide is absolutely free of transverse forces, so that even sensitive and very small tools can be measured.

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