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CNC Tool Changer

Tool change in CNC Machines

DATRON offers tool changer systems adapted for the respective machine systems. Depending on the spindle type used, these are available in a version for direct shaft clamping or for HSK clamping tapers. With the DATRON tool length sensor the tool length can be compensated automatically.



DATRON ToolAssist combines common tool systems and well-known CNC accessories for even more user-friendliness and efficient production: As the first external DATRON tool changer outside the machining area, it is automatically protected from chips. The machining area in the machine room is thus increased and accessibility improved, especially with robot loading.

DATRON ToolAssist, with its unique tool change system, is available for the high-speed milling machines DATRON MXCube (already integrated), DATRON M8Cube and DATRON MLCube with DATRON next control.

DATRON ToolAssist sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency. With up to 143 tool positions, DATRON ToolAssist creates the optimal conditions for a greater variety of tools and the use of sister tools in series production. As the first DATRON tool changer outside the machining area, it is automatically protected from chips and enables ergonomic and full-time loading and unloading during machine operation.

DATRON Fräsmaschinen-Zubehör: ToolAssist

More economical milling with the DATRON tool changer

Efficient production

  •   Up to 143 tool stations for a greater variety of tools and the use of sister tools in series production
  •     Loading and unloading of tools in parallel with production time
  •     Intelligent tool provisioning for fast tool changes

Process reliability

  •     Tool magazine protected from dirt and chips
  •     Safe tool change through monitoring of the collets
  •     Increased availability of the machine system

Innovative operating concept

  •     Interactive operation of the machine system guided by the DATRON next control system
  •     Intelligent tool organization
  •     Ergonomic changing of 5 tools simultaneously
DATRON Fräsmaschinen-Zubehör: ToolAssist Features

Tool magazine 12-fold

 The DATRON tool magazine 12-fold allows automatic pickup tool change and hold for up to 12 tools. The special receptacles on the tool carrier allow tools to be deposited or picked up by the spindle. By combining two or three tool magazines, the capacity can be increased to up to 36 tools, depending on the machine type. This makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications without having to reload the magazine.

The tool carrier is located under an automatically opening and closing hood to protect the tools from a heavy accumulation of chips. In addition, selectively arranged air pressure nozzles minimize chip accumulation in functionally relevant areas.

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