CNC Milling Machines for the production of electronics

Milling, drilling, thread tapping and engraving

With our decades of experience in electronics manufacturing, DATRON offers optimal solutions for high-precision milling, drilling, thread-tapping and engraving in a single clamping operation.

DATRON technology delivers benefits for your production environment:

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Low set-up times due to our innovative clamping technology and vision system
  • Burr-free machining and excellent surface finish due to the integrated measuring sensor
  • Short machining times due to high-speed spindles
  • Virtually residue-free production due to the minimum quantity cooling/lubricating system
  • Do you wish to manufacture housings and front panels even more efficiently and improve your quality? 

    You get very good value for money with excellent manufacturing quality, very low energy costs and an extremely attractive price.

  • Electronic Manufacturing Samples

      • Aluminium Panel

      • Aluminium Notebook

      • Aluminium Lamp Housing

      • Composite Soldering Frame

      • Aluminium Keyboard

      • Aluminium Microphone

      • Aluminium Anodized Housing Front Panel

      • Aluminium Panel

      • Aluminium Basestation

      • PCB Circuit Board

      • Smartphone Holder

      • 5-axis Simultaneous Machining

      • Aluminium Panel

      • Composite Soldering Frame

      • Auto Engineer

  • Milling of a notebook housing

Shadow frame