DATRON Sensor Technology

DATRON offers a range of sensors meeting individual precision requirements.

The DATRON Sensors are more than integrated "measuring systems", they measure and compensate height differences in real time. DATRON's sensor technology reduces the set-up time and the machining results of DATRON milling machines improve considerably. 


Ingenious in Every Dimension

The DATRON XYZ sensors are three-dimensional tactile sensors. Once applied, they significantly reduce setup times of your milling machine. You increase the accuracy and reliability of your references for the workpiece. With the XYZ sensors, your production increases its cost-efficiency.


Corners and edges

With only one measurement, material edge or workpiece height can be exactly determined. With only three measurements, both the material height and the exact position of a right-angle workpiece edge are analyzed.

Advantage: The determination of reference points on workpieces can be done much more precisely with the XYZ Sensor XYZ and in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods.


The XYZ Sensor automatically determines midpoints of circular or rectangular increments or breakouts.

Advantage: Precise centring on the workpiece can be done in a few seconds without a long set-up time. With the measurement of two reference bore holes, for example, a nonangled clamping can also be compensated by rotating the coordinate system.

Material surfaces

The material surface is measured by raster-like scanning. The height profile thus created is corrected immediately by the CNC or engraving programme.

Advantage: Machining of uneven or inaccurately clamped workpieces with absolute precision with the correct depth.

Technical Data

The XYZ Sensor is a 3D sensor and consists of a measuring head with measuring electronics, a swivelling mechanism with precision bearing, and an operating and evaluation software. The sensor is quickly operative for referencing or measuring in every machining phase. This is possible due to the sensor being mounted on the Z axis, so the measuring is effected quickly as the sensor swivels from its home position to the measuring position.

Due to a menu controlled software, the XYZ Sensor is very easy to operate. After the measuring is done, offsetting occurs directly in the control without any loss of real time.

DATRON offers XYZ Sensors in two accuracy classes.

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DATRON Precision Sensor TP-R

The TP-R sensor is characterized by a high measuring accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. Process reliability is increased with the TP-R sensor,
as the probe is attached to the swivel arm with a magnetic coupling and thus disengages in the event of excessive horizontal forces before damage occurs.

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DATRON tool length sensor

The DATRON precision probing head allows tool lengths to be measured quickly, precisely and automatically, as well as the tool check.
The functional principle with linear guidance is absolutely free of transverse forces, so that even sensitive and very small tools can be measured.

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