DATRON D1 pure

Maximum performance in the smallest space

With the D1 pure you achieve the highest accuracy and surface quality when machining zirconium oxide, PMMA, wax and polyamid.

DATRON offers you the possibility of producing a wide range of top quality indications when machining soft materials. You attain more efficiency in the CAD/CAM workflow with perfect cutting results and long milling tool durability.

The DATRON D1 pure is convincing due to:

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling capability with rotary/swivel axis (work angles of +-25 degrees)
  • Easy/intuitive operation with a minimal training period
  • Process reliability due to its CAM software especially adjusted to the hardware and pre-configured milling strategies (templates)
  • Production of a wide range of indications (soft materials): changing of milling blanks takes only a few seconds
  • Optimal reproduction of complex tooth geometries (in particular surface finish, fissures)
  • Anatomical separation of the supports within the milling blanks (the best possible utilization of the material)
  • Very high edge stability of the restorations due to the smooth running of the D1 pure
  • Open interfaces to all peripherals in the digital work-flow (scanners, CAD systems, etc.)
  • DATRON DentalControl one

    Makes it easy for you!

    Intuitive and easy to use

    The D1 pure was designed specifically for dental work. That's why you have everything in control when using the DentalControlone user interface: everything is as simple as possible. After just a short time, you master the process without having any prior CAD/CAM experience. 

    Clearly laid-out user interface

    The clearly laid-out menu offers unequivocal command functions.

    Intuitive operation

    Pictograms allow the intuitive operation of all machine areas. Changing the milling tools is just as much part of this as cleaning the system or setting up milling blanks. 

    Everything at a glance

    You always have the overview. Dental materials, milling tools and machining time are displayed continuously. Status lights provide information with regard to the activities taking place inside the D1 pure. 

  • DATRON D1 pure - Installation Video

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)41 cm x 54 cm x 67 cm
    Weightca. 70kg
    Spindle450 W, 30.000 U/min
    Tool changerup to 7 tools with tactile tool length sensor
    Angel range of rotary/swivel axisA & B: up to ± 25° (both sides)
    WorkpiecesStandard Dental-Blanks with
    10 mm shoulder; ø 98,5 mm
    Air supplyAir pressure: 6,5 - 7,0 Bar at 200 L/Min
    Electricity supply230 V 230V Schuko plug
    Item number0A35001
    • DATRON D1 pure - English

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  • Go Green

    Low energy consumption and a careful use of resources are taking an increasingly important role, also in view of rising energy prices.

    Through their innovative design and their very economical drive technology, DATRON’s milling machines use significantly less energy than comparable products.

    If DATRON machines are not used over a certain period of time, they automatically switch off their power, thus reducing their already low power consumption still further.

    The minimum quantity cooling lubrication technology used in metal machining is an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution. Without any hazardous waste, it is also extremely environmentally friendly compared to flood cooling.





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