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Optimised solid carbide milling tools for the machining of all standard dental materials


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With more than 3,400 milling machines installed world-wide and more than 20 years of expertise in high-speed machining, DATRON is THE leading specialist when it comes to milling with small tools.

Our team of tool experts is happy to share the latest technological trends and future-oriented machining approaches.

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  • Sustainable success with DATRON Dental end mills

    The production of dental end mills with the most modern fully automatic machines ensures consistent high quality and performance for your manufacturing process. Our solid carbide end mills are not only compatible with DATRON‘s own milling machines, but also with a variety of machines from other manufacturers. However, should you need a special tool that you cannot find in our standard product range, we offer custom individual end mills according to your specific requirements. Especially optimized for high-speed machining, high-quality coatings – for example, diamond, DLC or X.CEED – lead to particularly low wear.

    Industry expertise for the dental field

    With more than 25 years of experience in the field of tool manufacturing, we currently provide more than 350,000 end mills yearly to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. More than 4,600 DATRON machines help our domestic and international customers, who value our long-standing cutting expertise as machine builders and tool manufacturers, to work productively and costeffectively.


    We offer a wide variety of products in our comprehensive (online) range for your individual production requirements. Our milling tools are characterised, among other features, by the combination of first-quality cutting geometries, optimal coatings and premium solid carbide.

    We are constantly expanding our product range to ensure production success in your surgery, lab or industry. Demanding practical milling tests in our own Technology Centre provide the basis for consistently meeting high production requirements in the long term. Thus we can live up to the quality promise “Made in Germany”, often emphasised by patenting special DATRON cutting geometries.


    Our corporate structure focused on sustainability is evident in many immediately noticeable benefits for you as a customer:

    • Fast delivery and high availability
    • Well-founded tool advice (both when purchasing and using)
    • Individual tool service (special tools)
    • OEM Business, Neutral or Private Label
    • Compatibility with all commonly used dental milling machines
    • Very high price/durability/milling quality ratio



  • Diamond Coating

    DATRON‘s diamond coatings provide unique machining advantages:

    • High hardness and chemical stability
    • Unique material properties (Multilayer diamond coatings)
    • Excellent performance potentials for machining highly abrasive materials
    • Guaranteed high tool durability due to the combination of more than 10,000 HV and a friction coefficient of 0.15



    DLC Coating

    DATRON‘s DLC coating provides you with continuously optimal machining results particularly when milling zirconium:

    • High hardness and adhesion
    • An alternative for machining zirconium
    • High thermal stability and excellent wear resistance
    • Very sharp cutting edges and best cutting quality due to the particularly thin and smooth DLC layer
    • Very good adhesion and high density



    BALINIT® X.CEED Coating

    Optimal for high speed machining and hard materials:

    • Hard and strong layer adhesion
    • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability
    • Ideal for very hard and difficult to machine materials such as CoCr and Titanium




    • All-rounder with excellent wear resistance
    • High thermal shock stability and temperature resistance
    • The performance profile was significantly improved due to optimised process parameters and modification of the layer structure
    • BALINIT® ALCRONA is the new all-rounder in cutting


    • Optimal layer adhesion
    • High thermal shock stability
    • Good chip removal and extremely high tool stability at the cutting edges
    • With extremely sturdy and smooth surface, the coating is ideally suited for tools exposed to high machining temperatures
  • DATRON Tools: The Dental concept for durability, quality and precision

    Our tool experts are well-versed with sophisticated milling concepts. We advise dental technicians all around the world in machining the most varied dental materials, from cobalt-chrome and titanium over zirconium oxide to PMMA and wax. Our DATRON Dental standard tools are not only designed specifically for DATRON milling machines, but are also compatible with a variety of systems from other manufacturers. Only perfectly matched components ensure aesthetic results for demanding challenges in the dental field. Therefore, we offer specific dental end mill models designed for each task: Our ball nose end mills, spherical end mills or single-flute tools are coated with BALINIT, ALCRONA, X.CEED or diamond, and thus show particularly long durability.

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  • Precise results on all dental machines

    DATRON‘s Dental end mills achieve ever more precise results due to our continuous and intensive work in research & development. Their quality is continuously examined at our DATRON Technology Centre with tests conducted under extreme conditions. With DATRON end mills, you are always on the safe side: they can be used in most dental milling machines from leading manufacturers, and they guarantee maximum durability, precision and aesthetic results. The list of compatible milling systems is absolutely convincing:

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