Efficiency Increases Measurably Through Even Smallest Adjustments in Machining

DATRON presents optimization chances for companies of all sizes!

Small but mighty especially for small workpieces: DATRON CoboLoad
Especially for the compact DATRON neo milling machine, a seamless change between conventional manual individual machining and a docked collaborative robot (cobot) is now possible. The DATRON CoboLoad automatically takes over the machine loading and unloading while the worker pursues other important tasks. The expansion of the machining capacity optimizes the utilization of the machine without incurring additional labor costs. Rather, it makes an active contribution against the increasing shortage of skilled workers and enables the company to continue machining even at unpopular times such as during late hours or weekends.

For high-volume manufacturing: DATRON MXCube
The impressive DATRON MXCube can also be automated. It represents the premium class in the range of DATRON high-speed milling machines. The rigid design, maximum dynamics and a powerful high-frequency spindle are tailor-made for modern HSC strategies and enable the combination of high chip volume and excellent surface finish. The DATRON MXCube with optimized chip concept offers attractive functionalities for use in industrial environments.

DATRON next - Makes milling easier than ever!
The DATRON next machine control software is an essential component of all DATRON milling machines. With its powerful software suite, now available in version 3.0, it offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire milling process. From job creation to machine operation, DATRON next enables the import of CAD/CAM data, the visualization of tool paths and the simulation of machining processes before the actual milling operation. Intuitive controls and real-time monitoring functions allow operators to maximize efficiency and minimize errors. This results in reduced setup times and optimized machining cycles. DATRON next is an indispensable tool to increase productivity and achieve high-quality results.
Trade show visitors can experience these and other solutions from DATRON's "Optimizing Efficiency" portfolio at EMO in Hanover from September 18 to 23, 2023. The complete exhibition program and the possibility to request free trade show tickets are available at https://www.datron.de/de/events/emo-2023.

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