Release Notes 3.1

New "U-shape" measuring cycle

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

With the new "U-shape" measuring cycle, it is now possible to measure a workpiece on only three sides instead of all four. Useful especially when conditions do not allow measurement on the fourth side.

Live camera feed in status screen

NO purchase option | ADDITIONAL hardware required - Camera (Software Option: Camera Feature)

In the status screen one can now switch between simulated preview and live camera feed.

Network connection check by way of ping signals and traceroutes​

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

In the "Network Settings" menu, the network connection quality of the machine can now be checked by initiating a ping signal ("ping") or a traceroute ("tracert") from the new "Network Troubleshooting" submenu.

Increased file size limit for PDF documents

NO purchase option | NO ADDITIONAL hardware required

The file size limit for viewable PDF documents was increased to 50 MB (from 10 MB).

Option for external tool length measurement

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

In the menu for tool length measurement settings, an option for an external measurement of the tools (e.g., with a presetting device) can now be selected. If it is, the automatically performed internal measurement of tools in case of a tool change is omitted. However, the explicit triggering of such an internal measurement via the user interface or by way of the corresponding SimPL command remains possible, even if the option for external measurement is activated.


Current target state of vacuum as return value

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

The SimPL command "Vacuum" can now not only be used to control the vacuum, but also outputs the current target state of the vacuum (Activation.On/Activation.Off) as a return value.

SimPL code completion for structures within lists

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

The SimPL code completion now also provides suggestions for SimPL structures within lists.

Improved touch interaction while debugging SimPL-code

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

The touch interaction for displaying variable contents while debugging SimPL-code has been improved. Contents can now be expanded and collapsed across the width of the entire line.

Passing parameters of SimPL programs by reference

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

SimPL programs now also accept references to variables as parameters (identified by the keyword "ref"). If the called program changes the value of such a parameter, then the value of the corresponding variable in the calling program also changes. Such variables passed by reference can serve as an alternative to return values (using the "return"-statement) - useful, for example, when more than one value is to be returned. In the sample code, the values of two string variables are swapped by calling the "ExchangeStrings" program. Although the "ExchangeStrings" program does not have a return value ("return ..."), it nevertheless changes the values of the variables "part1" and "part2" passed to it as parameters in the calling "Main" program.

Reading out current axis positions through REST API

NO purchase option | REQUIRED software option - REST-API Basic

The REST API now includes the option to read out the machine's current axis positions.

Reduced after-running time of spindle blocking air

NO purchase option | NO additional hardware required

The after-running time of the spindle blocking air has been reduced to 1 minute (from 5 minutes).


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