More productivity and a reliable process - New DATRON neo Series

Wed, March 11, 2020

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In 2016, DATRON, a German manufacturer of high-speed machining centres based near Mühltal, Germany, created a sensation with the launch of its new compact DATRON neo high-speed machining centre. Equipped with the new DATRON next control software, this small, versatile and ultra-dynamic center is accessible even to beginners while offering performance and productivity.

DATRON neo Series 2

Three years after its official launch at the AMB in Stuttgart, the 400th DATRON neo leaves our production in May. Always eager to raise the performance level of this star among compact milling machines, the DATRON neo is evolving and promises increased productivity and reliability with this generation 2.

Equipped with a more powerful control computer, the DATRON neo V2 offers increased productivity thanks to up to 10 times faster calculation and route simulation times and more efficient trajectory management. Its new top-of-the-range XYZ probe makes your processes more reliable and guarantees better measuring accuracy (+/-0.01mm). Associated with the DATRON next touch screen interface and a camera, this probe ensures fast and more accurate zero offsets.

Finally, this version 2 has a new cooling unit for a better spindle stability and several sensors which permanently inform you about the machine status : coolant level, vacuum level for the vacuum tables... for a reliable and safe production.
This increased level of performance guarantees your long-term profitability.


DATRON neo Series 2: Technical innovations, yes! But with all the qualities that have made DATRON neo Series 2 so successful!  

Apart from these technical innovations, the proven features of DATRON neo remain unchanged.

Still as compact and ergonomic as ever with its front access to the machining area, it is perfect for machining series parts or prototypes, whether they are functional or dedicated to validating a design.

From the idea to the part: your prototypes, whether they are composites, plastics, light alloys or wood, are machined quickly to advance and then validate your projects.

This compact HSM center frees your large format machines from the mass production of small components for which this equipment was not cost effective.
For demanding dynamic machining operations with the most complex geometries, the DATRON neo is there.

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