evo 600


The Futur of Dispensing

Advanced pump control ensures outstanding results by producing consistent bead cross-sections. This reduces the risk of incorrect parts and saves you time and money in quality management.

The DATRON next control system is the heart of our production technology. It simplifies the most complex tasks for you and guarantees maximum process reliability for your production.

Achieve maximum efficiency with the DATRON evo 600, regardless of whether you are working at high capacity or in small batches - your time savings mean cost savings. 

Specially developed for the operator, the ergonomic design and intuitive software ensure an optimal user experience. Because when the focus is on people, success is inevitable.

Flexible for your individual requirements! React quickly to changing conditions and minimize your risk of investment in times of shorter product life cycles

Highest Dispensing Quality

A reliable dispensing result reduces the risk of incorrect parts and therefore saves material and time in quality assurance. This not only protects the environment, but also reduces your costs.

Intelligent dispensing technology

  • Speed-dependent dispensing intelligently links the movements of the axis system with the dispensing volume to ensure not only optimized cycle times, but also the best possible dispensing result.
  • Every dispensing application has its own individual requirements. To guarantee you the best possible dispensing quality at all times, the axis system and the dispensing pump work in absolute harmony so that the specific flow characteristics of each dispensing material and the component geometry are taken into account directly. As a result, you not only achieve the highest possible dispensing quality for your application, but also always have full control over your process parameters and can react quickly and easily to changing production conditions.

Technological Expertise

  • The axis system of the DATRON evo 600 meets the highest precision requirements and, in conjunction with highly developed sensor technology for component and dispensing needle measurement, guarantees outstanding reproducibility of your dispensing results. Rely on DATRON for consistent quality and reliability in every dispensing process.
  • DATRON dispensing technology ensures a constant bead cross-section along the entire dispensing contour. Precise adjustment of the dispensing quantity and the use of special ramp and wiping strategies result in barely visible thickening, even at critical points such as start/stop areas and impact points. The result is uniform and precise dispensing that meets the highest quality standards.

Dispensing easier than ever!

  • Intuitive DATRON next control system
  • Best possible accessibility during set-up and loading
  • Simple referencing of all tool center points
  • No more manual adjustment of cartridge pre-pressure thanks to automatic cartridge pre-pressure control

Productivity Redefined

Maximize your output when your workload is high or enjoy “more time for other things” with smaller batches. Every reduction in cycle time also means a reduction in costs per piece. This is why the high productivity of the DATRON evo 600 provides you with an essential basis for an economical dispensing process.

  • The intelligent pump control not only guarantees the highest dispensing quality, but also continuously adapts to the dispensing contour in order to always achieve the maximum dispensing speed - while maintaining the consistent bead cross-section.
  • The DATRON evo 600 was specially developed for the use in industrial series production. Our portfolio offers you comprehensive solutions to drastically reduce the primary and secondary times of your production process. This allows you to further increase the performance of your series production and remain competitive.

Human Focus

At DATRON, the focus is on the individual. For this reason, we have dedicated our entire product development to the user. From ergonomic machine design to intuitive programming - everything is geared towards making work as simple and efficient as possible.

  • While conveyor belts and robots do the work on automated production lines, the operator plays a central role in systems with manual loading. This is precisely why we have designed the cabin of the DATRON evo 600 for maximum ergonomics and user-friendliness.
  • The open cabin design with wide entry opening makes loading and changeover easier. At the same time, the user has the process in view at all times.
  • The DATRON next control forms the intuitive interface between man and machine and rounds off the overall package.

Limitless Possibilities

The DATRON evo 600 was developed to adapt to individual requirements in the best possible way. In a time of ever shorter product life cycles, we offer you the necessary flexibility to react to changing conditions and thus reduce your investment risk.

  • Exactly the right production solution for your application. The wide range of equipment options gives you the opportunity to tailor the DATRON evo 600 precisely to your individual requirements. Whether manual loading or fully automated workpiece feeding, the DATRON evo 600 is a plug & play solution that is extremely easy to adapt to different project requirements. This reduces the engineering and integration costs of your production line and enables you to start production quickly.
  • In a dynamic world, flexibility is the foundation for your competitive edge. The DATRON evo 600 has been designed to adapt to your production volumes and can be converted to a fully integrated system or for manual loading with little effort.
One machine - two variants

DATRON evo 600 integrate

The DATRON evo 600 integrate combines the outstanding features of the DATRON evo 600 and also offers maximum flexibility for integration into fully automated production lines. This cabinless version with a solid base frame and lowerable machine table was developed to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency. The simple connection options for customized workpiece loading make it ideal for industrial series production.


Dispensing with the DATRON next

The DATRON next control forms the heart of our production technology. Thanks to continuous development, you benefit from the latest functionalities at all times and ensure the future viability of your production. The intuitive operating concept simplifies processes and reduces training costs. Forward-looking software options allow you to further reduce error rates and significantly lower follow-up costs.

Reach Your Goal Easily with DATRON next

  • Whether setting up or producing, thanks to the interface tailored to the requirements of the dispensing world, the operator always has an overview of the data relevant to the upcoming process step. The intuitive operating concept makes working with the DATRON next control as easy as operating a smartphone. The camera options offer additional support for important process steps.
  • The DATRON next control takes you effortlessly from the idea to the finished dispensing process. Ready-made templates allow you to create new dispensing programs in just a few steps. The technology management offers full control over all process parameters and enables quick optimization of existing dispensing programs, even with a large number of variants.

Smart Options for your Process

  • Leave nothing to chance and save valuable time in quality assurance. The innovative component measurement of the DATRON next control system enables high-precision scanning of the height profile of the entire dispensing contour and automatically adjusts the dispensing height to the desired result.
  • Additional quality control options are provided by fully automatic measurement of the dispensing bead according to the same principle and users receive a corresponding warning in the event of any errors in the dispensing bead.

Connections create future-oriented production

Connectivity is a decisive factor for progress. With the DATRON next control, you get reliable solutions for seamless communication between your various systems. Capture and monitor your process data effortlessly and easily integrate DATRON next into your entire production environment.

As a result, you are ideally equipped for efficient and sustainable production.

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