DATRON AG is a publicly traded, internationally successful high-tech company in Mühltal-Traisa near Darmstadt.

Our product portfolio covers CNC milling machines for high speed milling (HSC-milling) and 3D engraving, dental milling machines for the efficient processing of all common materials in dental laboratories, dispensing machines for accurate and quick bonding and sealing, tools for high-speed processing and after-sales services such as training, support, accessories and the sale of spare parts.

Our products excel at their high degree of innovation and their strong focus on the customer’s benefits. Since almost 25% of our employees work in R&D, we can respond quickly to new market trends and processing of future-oriented materials such as composites. The modular design of DATRON machines allows them to be configured for individual customer requirements. DATRON equipment is more energy efficient due to its innovative lightweight design, and is therefore more cost-efficient than comparable machines with a same level of performance.

DATRON AG is the market leader in Germany for machines engineered for front panel and case machining, and also a technology leader in the production of highly precise, accurate-volume dispensing machines.

DATRON AG employs about 235 people in Germany and maintains a worldwide distribution network in over 20 countries.

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Senior Management Team

"The participation of employees in the success of the company is one of the central aspects of our sustainable company strategy. Their passion, power of innovation and loyalty to DATRON AG can be seen with the large number of shareholders among employees."

Michael Daniel was appointed to the board of DATRON AG as CFO in September of 2013. After his training as a banker at the Stadtsparkasse Lippstadt, he studied management at the private FHDW business university in Hanover, focusing on financial services, and completed his studies with a degree in management. After a brief period at an investment bank in Frankfurt am Main, he founded PCI AG in April 2000, a management consultant focusing on equity capital. He was the CEO of the company until his appointment at DATRON AG. As a member of the board at DATRON AG, he is responsible for finance, Investor Relations and, since July 2020, Sales and Marketing.

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"Our employees live the technical progress and identify themselves completely with our innovative products.
Our customers owe their passion for technology to our pioneering and smart products for successful use under real conditions."

Dr. Robert Rost was appointed Chief Technology Officer of DATRON AG in September 2019. After studying mechanical engineering and obtaining his doctorate in mechanical engineering, Dr. Rost gained practical experience in independent industry and at the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at Darmstadt Technical University. Since joining DATRON in 2016, his main focus has been on promoting forward-looking technologies and the technical development of the company.

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Supervisory Board

Dr. Thomas Milde


Manfred Krieg

Certified and Tax Accountant

Achim Kopp

Management KOPP Schleiftechnik GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Abele

Head of Institute PTW Darmstadt

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