Reliable, Large-Format and Highly Precise

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely large working area requiring little floor space
  • New vacuum clamping technology with the possibility of electrically enabling/disabling different segments
  • Available with table cutout for vertical clamping technology, appropriate for machining high components (optional)
  • Contour smoothing package PerfectCut for fast, accurate and contour-faithful HSC milling with excellent surface quality: your machine is more powerful and stays “fit” longer, even in cases of high-volume production (optional)
  • New chip carriage design with allocation to multiple containers (stackable) to promote work ergonomics
  • Linear measuring system:
    Improved precision in X and Y axis
    • High dynamics through optimized control and mechanical construction designed for acceleration and rigidity
    • Highly precise milling even with dynamic temperature drifts
    • Very high cutting performance using the smallest tools due to the high-speed precision high-frequency spindles with up to 60,000 rpm and outputs from 0.6 to 4.0 kW
    • Rigid, low-vibration machine construction optimized for excellent surface finishes when using FEM for machining
    • High precision due to its high-quality linear guides, ball screw spindles, HSK-E 25 tool insert (optional) and precisely-crafted structural elements
    • Continuously repeatable and precise milling results
  • Machining tableSolid polymer concrete table with steel column, extremely rigid portal design with double-sided Y drive with covered guides
    Traverse path (X x Y x Z)1,520 mm x 1,150 mm x 245 mm;
    with tool changer 1,020 mm in Y
    Portal passage200 mm
    Installation dimensions without operating terminal (W x D x H)2.410 mm x 2.280 mm x 1.950 mm
    Conical holding fixture integrated into the table
    Digital servo control with DATRON next or HSCpro
    Easy-to-use hand-held control unit
    Drive system: Brushless servo motors with absolute encoders, ball-screw spindle for each axis
    Minimal quantity lubrication
    Machining spindlePrecision high-frequency spindles from 0.6 to 4.0 kW;
    up to 60,000 rpm
    Tool changer with integrated tool length sensorHSK-E 25: up to 36 tools
    Direct clamping: up to 45 tools
    Tool length sensor
    Feedup to 22 m/min
    Position feedup to 22 m/min
    Weightapprox. 2,500 kg
    Article Number0A03301A/B
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  • Applications


    • Front panels and housings
    • Membrane keyboards
    • Test adapter drilling
    • Drilling and milling of test devices
    • Milling of solder frames
    • PCB milling
    • Plastic sheet processing
    • Composites
    • GRP/CRP materials


    • Machining of aluminium plates
    • Machining of aluminium profiles

    Advertising industry and exhibition stand construction

    • Processing of signs
    • Processing of profiles


    • Hot stamping dies
    • Stamping tools

    Automotive supply

    • Precision CNC machining


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  • Technology

    Precision spindle
    with a concentricity better 2 μm and HSK-E 25 tool holding fixture (optional).

    Integrated XYZ measuring system:
    Measuring functions and easy-to-use-material/tolerance compensation (optional).

    Saves ressources:
    Minimum quantity lubrication (as low as 30 ml/h). Minimal cleaning costs (optional).

    Up to 60.000 rpm
    High cutting performance with small tools. Highly dynamic HSC control system.

    Linear path measurement system
    The integrated linear path measurement system for X and Y axis guarantees long-lasting precision machining.

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