DATRON Clamping Modules

Cost-effective manufacturing with quick clamping

The end of long screwdriving and set-up times!

Economical manufacturing through clamping in seconds: Thanks to DATRON's modular clamping technology, you can set-up times can often be significantly reduced. Via conical centring sleeves, the module plates are directly mounted on the the machine table. This applies to all machines with integrated taper clamping system.
Thus, the clamping modules can be changed very quickly with a high reproducibility of the clamping position.
DATRON offers a wide range of finished module clamping solutions: Modular clamping plates with vacuum, T-slots with Short stroke clamping element, chuck or vice.

DATRON MS-TN T-Slot Module Clamping Plates

The T-slot module clamping plate offers space for application-specific fastening solutions or the combination of short-stroke clamping element and fixed clamping jaw.
The modules are mounted on the machine table with the vacuum suction system.

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DATRON MS-TNA T-Slot Table Upgrade

To take advantage of the high flexibility of T-slot clamping systems, the machine table can be upgraded with four T-slot module clamping plates. The modules are attached with the vacuum suction system.

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DATRON KSE Wedge Clamping Element

The DATRON KSE wedge clamping elements can be configured for single as well as for multiple clampings. Due to clamping screw and T-nut, they can be flexibly used on the DATRON T-slot plate. Its compact design allows the work area to be optimally used. 

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DATRON MS-P Module Clamping Plates

Clamping devices, such as vices or workpieces, can be fastened to module clamping plates. The modules are fastened on the machine table either with a screw connection or with the vacuum suctioning system.

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